About Private Chef St Barts

About Private Chef St Barts

About Private Chef St Barts:

Christine and Jean Jacques love of food has taken them all over the world and their culinary adventures have perfected their skills in all domains of cuisine. They are now in St Barts!

After 30 years of working in her prestigious gastronomic restaurant can take on almost anything and everything!

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Gastronomic Experience with Private Chef St Barts

Gastronomic Experience

At you entire disposal, I will make you discover my creations and new flavors in a true gastronomic experience. In Switzerland Christine studied the finer art of macrobiotic and organic health supportive natural cooking to cater for those with diet restrictions or those who have made certain food choices:

vegan,vegetarian,low cholesterol,gluten and caseine free

Each summer Christine attends a course at the famous alain ducasse cooking school in Paris,as she believes that she always has a new techniques to learn and she loves to share innovative cooking trends with her clients. Her Portfolio here

Service and Cooking with Private Chef St Barts

Service and Cooking

Jean Jacques on the other hand traditionally maintains is impeccable old-fashioned standards of service and cooking !

Their cuisine in St barth’s has built its reputation on the enthusiastic word of mouth among their loyal clientele of highly discerning tastemakers.

In the summer months Christine and Jean jJacques are available for chef and services in Provence, Toscany, French Riviera or America

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