Lisa Trulaske – Andiamo Yacht
27 mars 2017

Dear Christine, we can't thank you enough for your beautiful lunch!  We loved every bite and the presentation was absolutely perfection.  Our crew let me know that you were so easy to work with and have asked that we use you again when we are in St. Barths.  We will!!!!
Thank you again for making a day on our boat at Anse de Columbier a memory our guests will treasure always.

Some Guests:
7 janvier 2016

Some Guests:

Mathew Shonenberg  SA

Insik Rhee CA

Maria Marchetti Dare  palm beach

Rebecca and Arie Belledegrun LA

Karen and steven Lazovitch FL

Christie Brinckley NY

Bruce and Suzy Kovner  NY

Gwen Eide NY

Courtney love LA

Jaime Morgenstern NY

Stephanie et peter Brandt Seymour CT

Annette Pizzo  CA

Stephanie Seymour Brandt CT
5 janvier 2016

My family and I will miss you both and your wonderful cooking, it was an honor a delight to meet you both. We will most certainly meet again in Connecticut, until then take food care.

5 janvier 2016

Ambiance, service and execution impeccable !

Brian A Sherin  CA
5 janvier 2016

Thank you both of you as well we enjoyed not only our wonderful meal but meeting both of you, it was a great night!

FOOD and WINES Magazine
5 janvier 2016

The food is lovely as the dining experience is pleasurable!

Diane P Campbell  NY
5 janvier 2016

Amazing and creative food,professional, services comfortable expérience during our holiday in st harts. Chef is organized and pleasant to talk. I can honestly recommended "private chef st barts" to anyone